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Ayurveda Assessment

Ayurveda literally means "The Science of Longevity", Veda translates as knowledge and Ayu to longevity

Ayurveda dates back over 5000 years. Ayurveda principles can be woven into any culture or time period as they are rooted in the laws and cycles of Mother Nature. Indian philosophy states that the universe is composed of five basic elements Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether. These elements are represented in the body by the three Doshas: Vata "Air & Infinity", Pita "Fire & Water", Kapha "Earth & Water". Ayurveda teaches us to honour and support our true individual natures. Recognise the power of self healing within and you will become your own greatest doctor achieving harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Please take the time to complete the following form; it will help with the dietary, herbal remedies and treatment requirements to help balance your body. If you are uncomfortable with any of the questions, then feel free to leave them blank. You may choose more than one answer.


  • I am taller (or shorter) than average and thin with a rather under developed physique
  • I am average in height with a moderately developed physique
  • I am thick, large, broad with a well developed physique


  • I am thin, my bones tend to be prominent (knuckles, elbows, knees, facial bones etc)
  • I am of moderate weight with a slight tendency towards overweight
  • I am heavy and easily tend towards overweight or obesity


  • My hair is two or more of these: dry, kinky, curly, course, black, dark brown
  • My hair is two or more of these: red, light brown, blonde, soft, fine, prone to premature gray or balding
  • My hair is two or more of these: Thick, oily, wavy, medium to dark brown


  • My teeth are two or more of these: crooked, large protruding, with large spaces or protruding gums
  • My teeth are two or more of these: medium sized, yellowish, gums bleed easily
  • My teeth are large, straight and white


  • Small, dry, brown and I tend to blink a lot
  • Sharp, penetrating, green, blue or gray, with yellowish or reddish sclera
  • Large, attractive, charming with white sclera, brown or deep blue


  • Thin, not bushy, dry and firm to touch
  • Medium in all respects
  • Thick, bushy, oily, soft


  • Thin, small, bumpy, and slightly crooked
  • Medium–sized, reddish, large pores
  • Large but proportionate, oily, thick


  • Thin, can be dry or chapped, darkish and somewhat unsteady
  • Medium, soft pink
  • Thick, moist, large, smooth and firm


  • Not very broad or thick and down-sloping
  • Medium
  • Thick, broad and firm


  • Thin and not muscular, breasts are small (women)
  • Medium in all respects
  • Muscular thick, over developed, breasts are large


  • Thin, long and the bones are prominent
  • Medium, strong and wiry
  • Large, thick and well developed


  • Cool, dry and well lined, sometimes tremulous knuckles prominent
  • Medium, warm, pink, moist, soft
  • Large, thick, long, weel developed, knuckles smooth


  • Small and firm
  • Moderately firm and long
  • Long, firm, shapely, rounded


  • Small, dry, cool and rough
  • Medium sized, soft, warm and pink
  • Large, thick, solid, moist


  • Dry, small tend to chip or crack, darkish surface rough
  • Pinkish, medium sized and soft
  • Large, thick, smooth, white and hard


  • Thin, prominent, dry and make cracking sounds, prone to fracture
  • Medium, soft, loose, prone to sprains
  • Large, thick, smooth, white, hard

Bowel Movements

  • Hard, dry, accompanied by gas, tendency towards constipation
  • Regular, tends towards loose and soft or diarrhea, abundant
  • Regular, large and oily


  • Small amounts very frequently throughout the day
  • Abundant, deep yellow, occasionally slightly burning
  • Moderate, concentrated


  • Scanty, no strong odour
  • Profuse, strong odour
  • Moderate, sweet odour


  • Unpredictable and erratic; I sometimes am not hungry at mealtimes and very hungry between meals
  • Sharp, acutely aware of mealtimes, dislikes delaying meals, enjoys and can digest large quantities of food

Activity Pattern

  • I perform activities very quickly. I can become distracted easily or may not always complete things I begin
  • I perform activities intensely and efficiently; I am a perfectionist; I am likely to become aggravated if interrupted or encounter difficulties
  • I do things slowly, deliberately and calmly

Learning Pattern

  • I seem to learn new thing very quickly; I can forget things if I don't use them for a while
  • I learn moderately quickly after hearing new material two or three times
  • It takes me a little longer to really learn things, but once learned I never forget


  • Low, I get minor illnesses fairly often
  • Moderate, I usually do not get sick
  • High, I seem resistant to disease

Disease Pattern

  • Fatigue, nervous system, insomnia, weakness, dryness
  • Fevers, inflammations, ulcers, skin conditions
  • Congestion, respiratory conditions, benign growths, obesity


  • I tend to talk a lot and show enthusiasm in my speech by nature
  • Argumentative, precise, convincing, sharp, direct speech
  • Slow, sometimes monotonous, low pitched, rhythmic speech


  • More often than not I am insecure and nervous in new social situations
  • I am outgoing and usually assertive an accessible around people
  • I usually do more listening than speaking in new situations, but people are attracted to me nonetheless


  • I usually walk quicker than most people with short light steps
  • Stable purposeful pace at moderate speed
  • Slow, unhurried and graceful strides


  • Low volume, horse, vibrato, cracking, not rally deep or resonant
  • Sharp, loud, captures attention
  • Pleasant, deep, harmonious, resonant


  • Nervous, changeable, never seems to be content
  • Always seems to be struggling, achieving, highly self motivated
  • Usually happy, slow to desire or see the need for change


  • Often light or interrupted, insomnia, 5-7 hours per night
  • Sound 6-8 hours per night
  • Deep, uninterrupted, difficulty waking


  • Short, forgets relatively easily
  • Average, clear on details
  • Long


  • Easily distracted
  • Rarely distracted, intensely engaged
  • Moderate levels of concentration


  • Will often harmlessly lie to avoid uncomfortable situations
  • Usually tells the truth
  • Never lies, there is no reason to ever do this

Will Power

  • Weak, I often start out very determined but later give in
  • Moderate, I am very self-critical when I fail to follow through
  • Strong, if I make a decision I stay with it

Spiritual Reading/Study

  • I go through periods of interest and periods when I lose interest
  • I have surprising discipline and constancy in spiritual matters
  • I have never really pursed and spiritual avenues

Emotional Reaction to stress

  • Fearful, anxious and worried
  • Anger, aggressiveness, irritability, demanding, uncompromising
  • Complacent, steady, calmly seeks solutions, may become depressed

Mental Tendency

  • Questions everything, theorizes as to the cause of events, creative
  • Discriminating, judging, suspicious
  • Logical, stable, reasonable, slow to evaluate


  • I forgive and forget easily and often
  • It takes me a very long time to forgive, I tend to hold grudges
  • I understand that people make mistakes; it rarely upsets me


  • I fall in and out of love easily
  • I have had relatively few but intense passionate love affairs
  • I feel I am hungry for love and affection, long term relationships


  • Flying, running, fear, searching, travelling
  • Passion, violence, light, anger jealousy, the sun, colours
  • Romance, water, ocean, sadness, empathy


  • Very clean and neat, intolerant of sloppiness, uncleanness
  • Moderately clean but secondary to other concerns
  • Can be dirty and sloppy for periods of time

Work Habits

  • Selfless, often volunteers to help out
  • Works in intensely, especially to achieve personal goals
  • Procrastinates, sometimes lazy, takes time to complete projects


  • Exercise, travel, movies, dancing, parties, skating, visiting friends
  • Attending sporting events, competitive athletics, reading, building or repairing, woodworking, playing musical instruments
  • Attending concerts, dining out, television, sleep, sex, food literature

Financial Behaviour

  • Spends impulsively, spends on trifles, feels poor
  • Spends moderately, enjoys luxuries, gourmet meals
  • Frugal, saves money, spends freely on food, entertainment

Weather Intolerance

  • Cool, windy, dry
  • Hot, humid
  • Cold, damp and rain

Disease Tendency

  • Nervous system, pain, mental instability, arthritis, fatigue, weakness, hearing loss
  • Febrile illness, inflammations, infections, skin disorders, heart disease, ulcer disease, haemorrhoids, alcoholism
  • Respiratory disease (bronchitis, asthma) obesity, high cholesterol, sinusitis


  • Rapid, thready, light
  • Bounding, strong, superficial
  • Slow, broad, strong


  • Thin surface with several or more furrows, dark pink, blue tinged (especially on under surface)
  • Moderately thick, reddish, especially near the tip, moist
  • Thick, whitish coating, pink

Thank you very much; we look forward to tailoring a treatment to you


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