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Ayurveda Spa Therapies



Ayurveda treatments are individually personalised, improving functions of sense organs & vital organs, increasing blood flow, rejuvenating mind, body and spirit, enhancing spiritual awareness and restoring harmony, promoting overall wellness.


Marma Abhyanga The most traditional of Ayurvedic treatments. A full body massage which utilises medical herbal oils to lubricate joints, strengthen connective tissues, stimulates marmas (nerve points) and re-establishes healthy flow of energy through bodies' junctions, pathways and channels. Herbal infused hot towels and Ayurvedic bath powder. Benefits muscle recovery  and aids in rheumatism, joint pain and exces body heat   60 min $100
90 min $140
Shiroabhyanga Indian Scalp Massage Specially blended herbal hair oils nourishing for the scalp are used to massage scalp, head, neck and shoulders using specific massage rhythms. This treatment has a distressing effect and helps with migraines, depression, anxiety and stress.    60 min $80
Padabhyanga Indian Foot Massage  Seamless relaxing energising reflexology treatment, lower leg massage,stimulation of foot reflexes, detox massage with three metal Kansa Wand and herbal foot application. Stimulating and detoxifying   60 min $80
Shirodhara Shirodhara is said to be one of the most important treatments in Ayurveda. Continuous pouring of warm oil in a slow and sustained stream on your forehead. Reduces restlessness and creates inner calm. One of the most unique therapies available for reducing stress and enriching circular intelligence and immunity. "Third Eye Bliss" Includes foot detox   60 min $100
Pizichil Combination of head treatment and oil massage. Gentle and synchronised body massage with the constant flow of warm herbal oils applied with a cloth poultice of medical oil application, over the entire body. Creates a uniform balance of body meridians and activation of vital energy points "mamas". Includes a mini Shirodhara session   75 min $140
Elakizhi Therapeutic Ayurvedic herbal powders, medical herbs, leaves, bark and oils. "Poultice bundle massage". a unique massage which applies a variation of the "Kizhi method". Effective for body fatigue, rheumatic arthritis and elimination of toxins. Includes a mini Shirodhara session   75 min $140
Navarakizhi Perspiration triggering body treatment. Medicated oil application and targeted pounding of medicated herbals, Navara rice poultices, infused in milk over the body,focusing on marma points."Builds up body forces." Includes a mini shirodhara session   75 min $140

Ayurvedic Stimulating Core Balance

Dosha analysis, Seated Indian scalp massage, Himalayan herbal salt bath, Meridian face, detox foot treatment massage & Shirodhara session. 'Blissful Energy'   120 min $200
Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Body Bliss Dosha anaylsis, Himalayan herbal salt foot bath, Indian Scalp massage, Abhyanga massage, Shirodhara session and Ayurvedic OmVeda facial experience. 'Sublime Bliss'   150 min $250