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Ayurvedic Consultations

Experience Wholesome Foods and Healthy Living

Ayurveda teaches simple, inexpensive and practical techniques to aid you in reaching your personal health and wellness goals. Personalized home detoxifications and rejuvenation programs are also available as a part of your Personal Wellness Plan. Change is a process of education, implementation and experience. Each person is special and unique. Ayurveda considers and treats the individual.....not the imbalance or disease.

· Alleviate chronic allergies, hay fever, colds and infections

· Ease colic, bloating, digestion and elimination problems

· Reduce chronic aches and pains and arthritis

· Soothe and calm a restless mind, reduce headaches and migraines

· Sleep better, relieve insomnia

· Understand and experience your personal ideal weight

· Feel energised eliminating fatigue and sluggish systems

Often the most simple lifestyle changes can have the most profound effect on our health & happiness. Ayurveda asks each individual to take a hands-on and responsible role; giving one more freedom to control their life, health and well being. Ayurveda uses natural, convenient and inexpensive self-help methods such as self-massage, breathing techniques, yoga, foods, meditation, awareness of environment, spices, herbs, aromas, music, daily routines and gentle exercise programs. To experience a day in perfect rhythm you need a night of perfect sleep. In Ayurveda a balanced diet must contain all the six rasas/tastes in every meal. Healthy thoughts create healthy bodies. The initial consultation will involve an in-depth interview analyzing all aspects of the client's complaint or ailment – be it mental or physical – and assessing constitutional type (Prakriti) and imbalance type (Vikruti). The consultation also includes evaluating tongue diagnosis, skin, hair and facial/body analysis and the digestive and elimination capacity will be assessed.

Daily routines, dietary advice, recipes, kitchen herbal drayvas to increase digestion and recommendations of Ayurvedic herbal remedies and therapies to help balance and rejuvenate the bodies' systems.

Please allow 60 - 90 minutes

Investment:                                $80