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Welcome to Sacred Red Lily Wellness and Wholesome Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

I grew up with abundant vegetable/fruit/herb gardens where grandparents picked fresh produce to prepare fresh meals, cakes, desserts and herbal remedies. Food preparation and cooking has always played a big part in our family lives. For as long as I can remember all meals were prepared with love, fresh produce, laughter, family and friends to sample our nutritious creations. Eating freshly prepared foods symbolizes a union with nature, family and friends creating inner wellbeing. Preparing foods with love and eating this fresh produce with loved ones at the table with no inference from electrical devices will deliver better digestion within our bodies creating a greater absorption and assimilation of food nutrients progressing through the body gracefully, assisting in good elimination processes which will help keep our bodies disease free.

I have experienced lifestyles by the ocean and farm self sufficiency creating healthy meals and desserts, breads, cakes, quiches, pies, soups, preserves, fermented foods, raw foods, green juices and healthy snacks including raw chocolate. My array of cooking includes vegetarian, seafood, poultry and meat cooking. I have been red meat free for over 40 years therefore have numerous recipes and ideas to deal with vegetarian cross over and the importance of protein.

My experiences of home births, natural medicine, homeopathies and wholesome foods and lifestyle ensured a healthy self sufficient lifestyle for my family. My studies in Ayurvedic have led me to discover ancient philosophies of nutrition that are still practiced today.

I live in Busselton 2.5 hours South of Perth, in the beautiful South West of Western Australia. We have beautiful surfing beaches, surrounding farm life, bushlands and wine regions nearby. Life is beautiful!

Sacred Red Lily offers Massages, Reflexology, Holistic Facials, Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations, Ayurvedic Cooking Classes, Ayurvedic Workshops, Introductory workshops on various therapies and Mobile Cooking Classes teaching basic cooking which is nutritious and healthy on a budget for you all to experience. Tailor made classes enhance the basics which will help you achieve your desired confidence in creating your own simple culinary delights.

I have always held a continuous desire to experience unique cultures; selfeducate and create memories of different situations and surroundings. I look forward to cooking with you.

"Life is Sweet"

Let Food Be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food