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Mobile Wholesome Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

This 4 hour vegetarian cooking class is structured to include both theory and practice. You will learn simple, easy yet great tools to improve your individual cooking from the perspective of nutrition and Ayurvedic principles.

· Ignite your digestive fire/agni

· Harmonise your mind and emotions

· Improve the quality of your home cooked meals

Ayurvedic Cooking Classes Include:

· Philosophy surrounding Ayurveda and the Twelve Principles of Ayurvedic Cooking

· Dosha Analaysis

· Shown a Chaunce & Spice Churnas

· Digestive Aids

· Balancing the Six Tastes

· Ayurvedic Spices to tandalise your taste buds

· Demonstration of Paneer, Ghee, Yogurt and Chapati procedures

· Group food preparation and cooking

· Abundance of freshly prepared meals to share

Everyone is welcome; novice/skilled cooks, vegetarians or meat eaters this workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in developing a healthier lifestyle or those who would like to understand more about Ayurveda philosophy, lifestyles and nutrition.

Deborah's passions of the philosophy of Ayurveda have been a life long journey surrounding healing herbal medicines and wholesome foods. Personal developmen and studies have enhanced the wisdoms of Ayurveda. Enriched lifestyle experiences are immensely influenced from the oceanic all the way to raw living off the farm with self sufficiency ensured growing and gathering an abundance of fresh produce creating nourishing foods; of delectable desserts, breads, cakes, quiches, pies, soups, preserves, green juices, healthy conscious snacks; seed slices and raw chocolate, fermented and raw meals.

Over the years, I have cooked an array of delights; vegetarian, seafood, poultry and meat dishes. I have been red meat free for over 40 years therefore have vast knowledge of vegetarian cross over and the importance of protein.

I am presently offering Mobile Wholesome Cooking Classes, Ayurvedic Cooking Classes, Ayurvedic Workshops, Ayurvedic Therapies, Ayurvedic Wellness consultations and Numerous Alternative
Holistic Treatments.

Investment: Ayurvedic Cooking Classes   3.5 hours    $99 pp   minimum of 6:   Food inclusive

Deborah Anne          0408 937 221    or    (08) 9751 1710     enquiries@sacredredlily.com.au

Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food