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Mobile Wholesome Cooking Classes IndividuallyTailored to Suit your Personal Requirements

Classes suited for all to experience: young & old cooks & people with special needs.

I look forward to cooking with you.

Deborah's experiences of lifestyles by the ocean and farm self sufficiency ensured; gathering an abundance of fresh produce creating nourishing foods; wholesome meals of scrumptious desserts, breads, cakes, quiches, pies, soups, preserves, fermented foods, raw foods, green juices and healthy snacks of seed slices and raw chocolate. Over the years, I have cooked an array of delights; vegetarian, seafood, poultry and meat dishes. I have been red meat free for over 40 years therefore have numerous recipes and ideas to deal with vegetarian cross over and the importance of protein utilising ancient grains, beans, pulses, rices and super foods to nourish our bodies whilst increasing our energy levels. I have prepared and cooked at various retreats and catered for numerous special occasions. I am presently offering Ayurvedic cooking classes, Ayurvedic Workshops, Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations and Traditional Ayurvedic Therapies.

Cooking Classes include:

Kitchen Hygiene: Basic kitchen hygiene! Avoid making yourself ill through breeding bugs and accumulated germs in your kitchen, routinely cleaning ensures a hygienic environment.

Clean Hands: Correct procedure of washing hands to protect against Infection and Bacteria

Healthy Eating: Preparation, cooking and eating wholesome foods need not be a burden on your budget, cooking skills or busy lifestyles. Healthy eating ensures a strong immune system with less illness, a healthy mind and body helps with concentration with study loads, stressful employment and lifestyles creating higher energy levels to help you cruise through the day.

Cooking on a Budget: Essential basic food supplies and seasonal fresh foods purchased from various outlets help curb individual budgets, creating healthy weekly food spending.

Methods of Cooking: Enhance your taste buds by cooking meals in various ways.

Using Herbs and Spices: Intensify your meals with spice. Fresh herbals and spice flavour and increase nutritional components of foods whilst cooking. Learn to enhance foods without heated qualities of chilli and peppers. Basic herbal list combinations suited for various foods and digestive aids. Use spice to enhance your foods and your health.

Pantry List for Kitchen: A basic pantry list will help towards creating hearty nourishing meals at all times, also helpful with shopping on a budget and producing fast fresh meals easy prepared meals.

Implements and Cookware for the Kitchen: Basic implements and cookware for all modes of cooking.

Recipes: Individualised recipe collections tailored to suit individual needs of likes and dislikes in food plus basic nutritious recipes everyone enjoys.

Investment:           3.5 hours per week over a 4 week period                         $499

'Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food'