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OmVeda Facial Therapies


The skin is the body's largest organ and holds a direct reflexion on your inner well being. Facials aid in blood circulation, relaxation of facial muscles, reduces puffiness, aids skin cell renewal and hydration.

The OmVeda spa rituals incorporate face, hair, body treatments and massage true to ancient Ayurvedic techniques that offers all the benefits of this highly reputed healing system. Timeless in its skin refining benefits not tested on animals, free of chemicals and preservatives.

OmVeda facials individually tailored to suit your personal requirements


OmVeda Signature Facial Ancient Vedic Beauty Ritual with OmVeda natural herbal Ayurvedic skincare. Rediscover your radiant aura  with a customized facial. Mature, Hydration, Sensitive and Purity. Unscented treatment range sooths, purifies and hydrates the male complexion   60 min $90 
Vitamin Enriched
Enriched with honey and aloe, this treatment provides the skin with a burst of vitamin E to restore elasticity and balance dehydrated dull skin. Sooths and calms inflamed skin. Nourishes dry and dehydrated skin   60 min $90
Mango Moisturizing Thermal Face Lift A richly Moisturizing Treatment combining an exotic combination of herbs custom blended with fresh cucumber, carrots and potato to nourish the skin. Rich in natural enzymes which soften the skin, excellent for dry pigmented skin and helps improve elasticity which is infused by a firming Thermal Mask, tightens the skin and reduce fine lines   60 min $90
Purifying Clove Intensive A facial specifically designed for skin suffering from the effects of excess oil, acne and rash. Cloves are renowned for their germicidal, soothing and antiseptic properties. Clove Purifying facial helps to heal the skin, reduces acne and balances oil flow. A thermal mask is applied on top of the clove mask to intensify the healing process   60 min $90

All facials are inclusive of a foot scrub, herbal infused hot towels and foot massage