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Heritage Healers Facial Therapies

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Wildflower Healing   To bring you inner calm and beauty, our nurturing starts from the inside with the ancient healing of native Australian wildflowers.

Used for centuries by the Aboriginal people, our naturopathic doctors capture and bottle the vital essence of these unique wildflowers. The essences work to reduce stress, naturally improving our inner well-being, and this is reflected in healthy, beautiful skin.

A flower essence journey that indulges the skin and senses. High performance actives, anti-oxidants and essential skin nutrients in a soothing base of healing herbals and wildflowers, work to cleanse, hydrate and revitalise the skin. Elemental aromatherapy oil facial massage melts away tensions, for stress-free skin that glows with radiant health.

  60 min $80
Purity Cleanse   Reduces excess oiliness and balances the complexion. We combine the deep cleansing properties of Kaolin and Bentonite clays with cooling witch hazel, balancing geranium and ground wattle husks to purify and decongest. Leaves pores refined and complexion smooth and clear.   60 min $80

All facials are inclusive of a foot scrub, herbal infused hot towels and foot massage