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Reflexology Therapies



Feet have always symbolized mobility and security and are seen to be the foundation of mind, body and soul. Reflexology is a wholistic, non-invasive therapy that promotes balance in physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of the body. Lower leg and therapeutic foot massage with stimulation of foot reflexes, corresponding with the inner organs of the body

Reflexology Reflexology is a wholistic, non invasive therapy. Lower leg and therapeutic foot massage, specific compression and stimulation of the reflexes of the feet, which correspond with the inner organs of the body. Therapeutic benefits result towards healing the whole body.   60 min $80
Ayurvedic Reflexology Ayurvedic Reflexology: Seamless, relaxing, energising reflexology treatment, Lower Leg massage, stimulation of foot reflexes, detox massage with three metal Kansa bowl and herbal foot application.   60 min $80
Indian Scalp and Foot Massage Seated Scalp, head, neck and shoulder massage, Himalayan salt/herbal foot bath. Lower leg, foot massage and traditional Kansa three metal bowl. Stimulates congested reflexes and restores energy flow. Specially blended herbal hair oil to nourish the scalp. Perfect to release stress.   60 min $80